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Turmeric shea butter that I used to moisturized my skin, helped to stop the itching and maintain the integrity of my skin. I have the pictures to prove it!
Tony T.

Tony T.

The lavender body butter is unlike any other body butter I have used before. It is so rich and luxurious in texture. The vibrant lavender scent is intoxicating. The Lavender Body Butter makes my skin feel moisturized. Since I know that it is vegan, I am doing something good for my body.

Dori B.


“If you want to experience that truly clean, organic and smell good flavor on your skin, Living Healthy Skincare products is the answer. I love knowing that what I am smoothing on my body is pure. So pure that the creams and lotions could be ingested without worry. The product that was and continues to be my favorite is the Lavender Body Butter it smells oh so good. My skin tends to be drier as I age, therefore, I need lots of moisture and this product provides just that. It feels so luxurious when I apply it to my sensitive skin daily and it never disappoints.”

Maxine Y.


Rose hip whipped butter & ylang ylang whipped butter, I’ve used it on my hands & it’s very moisturizing & I plan to try it on my scalp & hair on wash day & keep you posted

Kim S.

Los Angeles


Before using the Living Healthy Skincare Turmeric Body Butter


After using the Living Healthy Skincare Turmeric Body Butter